Choosing a Fold or Cut for Your Woven Label

There are 5 common types of folds or cuts that you will want to consider when creating the woven label that's best for you and your brand. Ways & Means provides the highest quality high density damask woven labels available on the market.

Straight Cut Woven Label

Extremely versatile, a straight cut label has no fold at all and can be sewn just about anywhere on a garment. Typically a straight cut label is sewn on all four sides, however it can also be sewn on only the left and right sides, or top of the label because all edges have been heat sealed to prevent fraying.

Center Fold Woven Label

Center Fold woven labels are creased in the center and sewn into a seam. The crease in the center helps the label lie flat and simple care and content information can be included on the back of the label to serve dual purposes, if desired. Sometimes referred to as loop labels as well, however, loop labels do not have a firm center crease.

End Fold Woven Label

An end fold woven label provides an elegant way to add a branding label that does not need to be sewn into a seam. The end folds eliminate the corners of the label for a soft, itch-free result. Wide and skinny is the most common shape for an end fold woven label.

Manhattan Fold Woven Label

Manhattan fold woven labels are almost exclusively used for hem tags. The extra fold on the top edge eliminates exposed corners, for the cleanest look and softest feel. The fold in the center can be creased or looped, depending on the thickness of the fabric.

Mitre Fold Woven Label

A mitre fold woven label has each end folded up, creating two tabs that can be sewn into a seam. After applied, the label hangs down on the tabs and can double as a hook loop. Mitre folds labels work best with a short and wide logo.

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Woven Label Fold Types

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