Client Spotlight | Imaginary Foundation

Who: Imaginary Foundation | San Francisco, CA

Background: From the Imaginary Foundation website: "The Imaginary Foundation is a think tank from Switzerland that does experimental research on new ways of thinking and the power of the imagination. They hold dear a belief in human potential and seek progress in all directions. The small clandestine team is headed up by the mysterious "Director," a 70-something über-intellectual whose father founded the Dadaist movement."

Product: Referred to us by a previous customer, Imaginary Foundation was looking to develop metal pins to correspond with their existing soft goods collection. They submitted a Venn Diagram style print to be made using soft enamel. After the first sample was created, we reviewed the results with the client and we decided to make a few changes. We went back to the drawing board, and the final result was a perfectly designed soft enamel pin that came packaged on a custom printed header in an individual plastic zip bag.

Verdict: The ability to sample prior to full production provides customers the assurance that they will always receive the perfect product that they envisioned. It's not uncommon that a digital design looks different when it's transformed into a metal pin, or other branding product. Have confidence that when you work with Ways & Means, you will always be satisfied with the item you order. Contact us today for more information!