Getting Started Guide | Woven Labels

If you've made the decision to create custom woven labels for your company's branding and promotional needs, you've come to the right place! Below are all of the most common questions and answers regarding custom labels. If you have additional questions you'd like help with, or are ready for a custom quote, please send us an inquiry.

Custom Label Types

  • 50 Denier Damask Woven Label
  • 100 Denier Damask Woven Label
  • Satin Woven Label
  • Printed Label – satin, cotton, tyvek, or nylon

Label Fold Types

  • Straight Cut
  • End Fold
  • Center Fold
  • Manhattan Fold
  • Miter Fold

What is the difference between 100 Denier and 50 Denier Woven Label?

100 Denier is an industry standard while the 50 Denier is considered to be a higher quality because it has a better clarity and is softer to the touch.

Why might I choose a satin woven label?

Available in black, white, or off-white backgrounds, satin woven labels have a unique sheen that other clothing labels do not. Satin clothing tags are frequently used for formal wear and women’s apparel.

Why might I choose a printed label?

Printed labels are a great choice for very detailed artwork, as well as for customers looking for a more natural look, i.e. cotton printed labels.

How small can text be?

Text can be no smaller than 2mm for CAPITAL letters,

What colors can I choose from for my custom label?

We match to Solid Coated Pantones only. Please see our Pantone Color Chart if you need assistance with your color choice:

What is the production time?

10 business days (Monday-Friday), plus ship time from Portland, OR.