Getting Started Guide | Enamel Metal Pins

If you've made the decision to create custom pins for your company's branding and promotional needs, you've come to the right place! Below are all of the most common questions and answers regarding custom pins. If you have additional questions you'd like help with, or are ready for a custom quote, please send us an inquiry.

Metal Pin Types

  • Soft Enamel

  • Hard Enamel

  • Printed (no enamel)

  • Full Metal (no enamel)

What is the difference between soft and hard enamel?

The short answer is soft enamel has recessed enamel, while hard enamel is polished flat. Both are made from the same mold and the detail achieved is the same - they simply have different looks.

If you rub your thumb over soft enamel pin you will feel the metal ridges. Whereas if you rub your thumb over a hard enamel lapel pin (also known as cloisonné lapel pin) it will feel smooth and you will not feel the metal borders/ridges.

Why might I want a printed pin (instead of enamel)?

A printed pin is a great option when your design details are too small to be made with metal, or if there is a color gradient that you want visible. We add an epoxy coating to the top of printed pins.

What are my metal options?

  • Gold

  • Rose Gold

  • Antique Gold

  • Silver

  • Antique Silver

  • Black Nickel

  • Dyed Black (only soft enamel)

* If you're looking for another metal not listed, please contact your sales representative.

How thin can metal outlines be?

Using the stroke tool in Adobe Illustrator, the thinnest an outline can be is 0.20

What colors can I choose from on my pin?

We match to Solid Coated Pantones only. Please see our Pantone Color Chart if you need assistance with your color choice:

Can I have more than 1 pin backing?

Yes, this is entirely your choice, but we suggest adding a second backing to any pin that is longer than 1.25” in any one direction. Having a second pin backing will prevent the pin from rotating.

What is the production time?

14 business days (Monday-Friday), plus ship time from Portland, OR.